Friday, June 3, 2011

Short hair styles for Women

Short hair, which has not been very popular in past years, has become very popular in the last 5 years due to the increased number of short hairstyles available and an abundance of celebrities who have switched to short do. Short hairstyles do not have to make a women look like a tomboy but can be created to produce very sexy looks as well. One of the best examples of this is Alyssa Milano who not only looks great with a short sexy crop but seems to really thrive on it.

And no one can overlook the the way Natalie Portman seems to make the shortest short hairstyles that are hair don'ts for most women become ravishing hair dos. There is a huge selection of short hairstyles to fit every personality and function from business, work, summer, and any other one and with talented short hair stylist continually creating new and bring back olds short hairstyles, women should never lack a selection of short hair dos.