Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bob Haircuts | Bob Hairstyles African American Women

Some of the latest cuts short black hair are shaken, which can spice up with extra curls or go straight to the dramatic effect of high fashion. Sexy pixie black hair are also a hot look you may want to try. tight bun updo can appear very sexy, but you may also want to have some braids or twists in place. Wavy and curls are also among the favorites in black hairstyles for 2010, along with the right through explosions.

Let's take a closer look at some of the haircuts hot black for the year 2010.

Shiny black knife with long fringe cut Bob

This variation of the characteristics of the shoulders bangs long bob style and the lengths of chopped made elegant with a flat iron and shine serum. The key to a fabulous appearance is to choose the perfect length and flattering best for your face shape and structure. Ask your stylist to razor cut long bangs over the forehead to a point where it barely touches the tabs.

Pixie Black Laminate

This great style is very flattering on any woman with black hair and tends to bring out the best features while hiding subtle defects of vision. It is a versatile style and a simple change in the part of your hair can get a brand new look. The layers are perfect for adding color to your hair highlighted to encourage your personality or simply to give your hair added definition.

French Touch Black Hair

This style is one of the easiest black hair and is often used when one wants to get the hair from her face. The hair is back and rotated or twisted to the right at the nape of the neck, then pinned on a roll in the back of the head. Style is perfect for a refined and sophisticated look and maybe even luxury hair accessories such as pins or headbands.