Friday, June 3, 2011

Black short hair styles

Short black hairstyles are the best option for summer months, and black hair can be cut short in any number of styles.

The gamine hair cut gives hair a very short cut, and usually gives you a boyish crop, but there are ways to make it more feminine. You can get this short hair cut in layers and also make the cut loose and unstructured to give it a flirty, romantic look. Keep the look of the cut light by using some volumizing mousse or foam and then blow dry it using a round brush.

The gamine cut can also be a very short crop that has an androgynous quality, but is still quite feminine. Comb it into a heavy side parting and blow drying it into a wispy shape. Slick the hair on the sides down using some gel and tuck one side behind the ear. Thick, straight black hair is ideal and will look especially pretty in this hair cut.

The bob hair cut is the most commonly used short hair cut, and is continuing to evolve with modern fashions. This classic cut can be revolutionised with wide, square bangs in front combined with disconnected layers all throughout the back of the hair. Blow dry the cut with a vent brush and use pomade to ruffle in some texture.

The 20s Flapper bob haircut is also back in style, and features a standard short bands. To bring this classic style up to date, add in a few razored layers along with a messy finish textured by some mousse. Blow dry the cut with a round brush, spray on some texturizig wax, and then work it through using your fingers.

Another short hair cut is the razor cut style. It adds great volume and movement to ahir that is naturally thin and flimsy. Thick hair types can also benefit from this hair cut as it reduces extra bulk and therefore becomes easier and lighter to manage.

The razor cut is best with straight hair, whereas it may be more difficult to maintain if your hair is wavy or curly. A shaggy bob with layers that have been razored will result in fine, straight strands of hair. Thick hair will come out in unblended layers so that width and volume are created.

Having short hair doesn’t mean you have to wear it in one single way. You can create versatility with a short hair cut by doing several things. One of these is moving your parting. This can surprisingly create a very different look to the initial one. Adding hair accessories on your hair, and using different styling products can help change the look of your short hair cut.

If your hair is naturally wavy, then use some curl enhancer to lengthen the layers and then dry diffuse your hair while scrunching up sections. Adding some colour to your short hair will give your hair a whole new personality. A block colour would be quite daring, while subtle highlights are always an option if you don’t want any drastic additions being made to your short hair cut.